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The story of my 1994 Stealth RT

To set the stage for the story, I had been looking specifically for a pearl yellow Stealth RT for over 1 month. I was looking for something that was in good condition and didn't need any work. I was looking at all types of 3000GT's and Stealths, but a yellow RT was what I REALLY wanted.

February 9th

I was hunting for an old Craigslist ad that was posted in January. It was a yellow Stealth, but it had 134,00 miles on it, higher than I wanted. By chance, I came across an ad for a yellow Stealth RT in Philadelphia, PA for sale. It was posted on January 23rd. Original owner, 115,000 miles, excellent condition, and always garage kept.

The phone call

I immediately picked up my phone and called the owners of the yellow Stealth. A woman answered the phone, confirmed the car was still for sale, and answered some questions I had. The minute I explained to her that I was out of state, paranoia set in and she was no longer interested in talking to me. Cash in person was all she was willing to accept. She would not accept a cash transfer of any kind, no money to hold the car, and turned very bitter.

Phone call 2

After talking to my mother (who suggested Western Union), I called the car owner back and asked if that would be acceptable. After mumbling "no" a few times, she told me not to call back, and hung up on me.

The scheme

Instinct kicks in, and I am sure this is the car that I want. But how to get it? I wasn't even sure the owner would be willing to sell me the car if I showed up in person. I called my master schemer back (my Mother), and asked if we know anyone in Philadelphia. I do have a cousin closeby in Delaware, but it would have been an awful lot to ask, as he would have had to also drive the car 1 hour north for it to be shipped to Omaha. I contacted a friend of mine from and asked for his opinion. He said he would be willing to pick the car up for me, and I trust him enough to wire him the money. He calls and makes arrangements with the husband to look at the car that Friday. But there was someone who could pick the car up sooner, Emilie. I'm familiar with Emilie through - she is well known there and I know I can also trust her with my money.

The plot thickens

Emilie calls the owner the following morning, and makes arrangements to pick the car up on Wednesday. Of course, the paranoid woman wants her to go to a notary, title and plate the car, and pay the taxes before taking the car. This means paying tax on the car twice (in PA and in NE), and there will now be an additional owner listed on the title. The most bizarre thing was that this woman refused to give Emilie her address, gave her very poor directions, and also refused to give her some of the street names that she was supposed to turn onto. Thanks to Google for an address AND directions ;)

The transaction

On Wednesday 2/11, I wired Emilie the money for the car, notary, title, and tax...and an extra something for her troubles. Emilie and her boyfriend Hans drove about 1 hour south of their shop to pick the car up Thursday morning, and drove it back to their shop. The car is now titled in Emilie's name and has PA say the least, I'm relieved! On a side note, the purchase was done with the husband. The woman came outside once, snatched the money out of his hands, then stormed back inside. Real nice lady, huh?

Getting the car

Okay, so my car is now in PA. How to get it back to Nebraska? Long story short, I decided to have the car shipped from Easton, PA (Emilie & Hans's shop) to Pittsburgh, PA. I will pick the car up when I visit Pittsburgh on the 27th, and drive it back to Nebraska on March 7th.

Condition of the car

After picking the car up, Emilie told me what great condition it's in. My insticts were correct! Not only is it in almost perfect shape, but it has a removeable sunroof and a 6 disc cd changer. She said the car drives and rides like a brand new car, and everything functions perfectly. It's the cleanest 3000GT or Stealth she has seen. We shall see how it does on the 900 mile drive back to Nebraska. More to come...

February 16th

The shipping company picked the car up from Easton, PA this afternoon, and it is due to arrive at my Mother's house tomorrow morning.

February 17th

The car arrived at mom's house today around 2:00pm. The excellent mom she is, she immediately gave me a report & sent me these pictures. The pics are from her cell phone, but I'll be getting some better ones in about a week!

February 19th

Hans took 4 pics of the car before it was shipped to Pittsburgh. I've added these to the ones my mom took, along with one that Emilie took of the previous owner...yes, the crazy paranoid woman. Click the above link to check out the new pics.

March 14th

As stated on my homepage, my trip to Pittsburgh was awesome, and the car made it back to Nebraska just fine. It had its first Nebraska wash today, and I wiped down the interior. I decided to celebrate with some new pictures, and have added the link at the top of this page. I also had a Viper alarm installed this past Tuesday, just a couple days after having the car home. So far it's working out great, no break ins. I'm loving the remote start, it's saved me a lot of time in the cold weather.