Staying Out of the Hospital

I’m just posting a short update today, starting with a little bit about my health: I have been feeling very weak and fatigued and am barely able to eat, but Itsa has been helping me get some nutrition anyway. The dry heaving and the nausea are still there, but it’s been getting better.

I’m happy that I’m no longer in the hospital, I’m glad to be home and that my husband is taking very good care of me in my weakened state. Shoutout to my grandmother, as she has been trying to come and see me but she’s too sick—I love you and miss you, Grandma!

I am also very thankful for and to my mom: she did grocery shopping for us, brought me food, and takes me to all my appointments. Aunt Ellie came over today as well, and brought some excellent candied sweet potatoes (made from scratch!) and some beef stroganoff.

Two things I’m excited for: first, I just got a brand new desk, which means more room to put more stuff on for my little personal sanctuary. Second is pretty big news: my husband is planning a trip back to Omaha on the 9th or 10th of October to get the rest of our stuff, including my car! It will be a great relief to have our things here.

So far, so good, and some pretty exciting things to look forward to. I am taking baby steps towards getting stronger.

Thank you for reading, and for your love and support!

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