Eyes, teeth, osteoporosis, allergies

Thanks to the donations I’ve received, I was able to get my sclera lenses on Wednesday. The moisture is extremely helpful; I am able to get away with very little use of eye drops while I have the lenses in. I think the prescription may need to be adjusted, and the right lens irritates my eye. Unfortunately the prescription is for distance, and anything that is close up is much worse with the lenses in. I have to wear my reading glasses most of the time when I have them in. One of the most difficult things is using the computer. In order to see perfectly, I have to be about 6 to 12 inches from the screen. Overall I am very happy with them, but I’m hoping some adjustments can be made. I have a follow up appointment on the 17th.

I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. They took x-rays and gave me an exam. I was quoted $10,496 for the work that needs done. Unfortunately the dentist requires payment prior to work being done, and doesn’t mmake payment arrangements. The dental work must be done before I can receive medicine that will keep my osteoporosis from getting worse. Certain types of dental work can’t be done after I am on the medicine, as it would put me at risk for bone deterioration in my jaw. The medicine will be given via IV and will last for about one year, therefore it will not be as easy as stopping a pill prior to dental work being done.

The Zyrtec seems to be helping with my allergies, and I am still taking a daily pill, nasal spray and an inhaler for my lung and nasal problems. I am not 100%, but I do seem better.

My main focus going forward will be to eat more, gain weight, and gain strength. I am feeling extremely weak after the health problems I had in April, and I’m unable to do much of anything. My doctos still want to do more testing to figure out my choking issues, which continues to be a major problem.

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