Eyes and teeth

Eyes and teeth – 2 of my biggest problems. Thanks to the donations I’ve received, I can finally do something about these problems.

Eyes: i have ordered my sclera lenses, which I pick up this Wednesday. These lenses are a hard contact lens that I will put in each morning, and take out before bed. They are basically a bowl that is filled with a saline solution, which allows my eyes to bathe in that solution all day. If I can tolerate the lenses, it wil alleviate the need for constant eye drops while I have them in, and I should have improved vision. Lack of tear production has left me with severely dry eyes, which cause me constant pain and cloudy vision.

Teeth: I have scheduled an appointment for Tuesday (tomorrow). I will get x-rays and an exam to determine what is needed going forward. I’ve lost more weight, and I’m now below 100 lbs. Part of the reason for this is that eating is painful. I am really looking forward to getting my teeth healthy again.

Although I am no longer sick from Salmoonella, I am feeling the effects of being sick for almost a month. My strength is back down again, and I feel like I am starting out lower than what I was before I got the Salmonella April 1st (and I was pretty weak back then). It will take a great deal of work to regain strength.

Cats – I am extremely depressed that i am now allergic to my beloved pets. I am afraid to even be near them, and I feel like I am doomed just being in the house. Regardless of this fear, I continue to snuggle and love my pets, but I am washing my hands constantly. I’ve been taking Zyrtec for about a week now, and it’s hard to say whether it’s helping. I’m already on a nasal spray, an inhaler, and a pill for my breathing and sinus issues.

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