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blast chart 4/13

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blast chart 4/11

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blast chart 4/10

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blast chart 4/8

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blast chart 4/6

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My kick ass leukemia is taking over

Today I had my first doctor visit since my most recent recurrence.

The short story: It’s more aggressive than before, and very fast. It’s about 3 times as bad this time. Prognosis is poor, I will most likely not survive this, and I could potentially be dead in a matter of weeks. We began chemo today, and will continue it for the next 5 days.

The long story: When I was first diagnosed, I had chromosomes 8 & 21 transposed. We thought my prognosis was good, but the diease proved otherwise. This time, there are also chromosomes 8 & 21 transposed, and 2 other sets of chromosomes…plus one other chromosome is “messed up”. We are waiting on results to see if I have any gene mutations, which usually makes the prognosis even worse, and requires different chemo drugs. I began chemo today, day 1 of 5. Sunday will be my 5th day. We’re planning on doing another chemo does in about 28 days.We are beginning with a light chemo drug to see if my body can tolerate it. The next step depends on how the cancerous cells react, and how my body does.My prognosis is poor, and my doctor actually said “we won’t cure this”. My GVH (Graft vs Host Disease) also complicates things even further. My blood is now 43% mine and 57% my donor’s, which complicates things even more. Because it’s so fast and aggressive this time, I may only have a matter of weeks. I am doing everything I can to prepare, and will be adding some things to the blog for those of you who wish to be notified when things happen.

Wish me the best, I’ll continue to keep everyone updated. Thanks again for all the thoughts, prayers, donations, gifts and everything else.


I was diagnosed with Salmonella today. I’ve been sick for almost a week now. I spent the day at the hospital on Tuesday. They did blood cultures, did a CBC, took a urine sample, and gave me fluids and magnesium. The following day I was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection, and today’s diagnosis was the Salmonella. I’ve had to move around several other appointments because of this, and hopefully after I start new antibiotics today I will begin to feel better. Thankfully the fevers went away after Tuesday.