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As if things weren’t complicated enough…

Today’s blast percentage (percentage of leukemic cells in my blood sample) is 79, down from Friday’s 88%. I did not receive any transfusions today. I’ve created a chart below for easier tracking.

My case manager called this afternoon & told me that instead of seeing my cancer doctor on Thursday that I will be seeing her tomorrow. We are also starting day 1 (of 10) of round 2 of chemo tomorrow. I also have the Visiting Nurse Association coming to the house tomorrow morning to begin physical therapy at home (yay!) and after chemo I have another nurse visiting me in the home (my insurance company’s House Calls program).

Wednesday we pick my Dad up from the airport in the morning (yay!), then it’s off to the hospital for bloodwork, an appointment with Infectious Disease (follow up on the legs), chemo, and a couple friends are coming to the house that evening.

I have all but 2 days booked through the end of the month, and it’s all subject to change at any given moment. As my Case Manager says “With Leukemia, we are always flying by the seat of our pants”. I am trying very hard to keep up. I really hope this next round of chemo gets the disease under control without killing me.

Percentage of leukemic cells in my blood samples:

Friday’s numbers, Saturday’s breathing

The percentage of leukemic cells in Friday’s blood sample was 88%, up from Wednesday’s 77%. I also got a platelet transfusion.

Saturday was probably the most difficult day I’ve had where my breathing is concerned. I could barely move, and laying down was almost impossible.

Today the breathing is better, and I was able to do some very light tidying around the house.

The bloating/swelling is still pretty bad, mostly in my hands, feet, legs & abdomen. I now have 2 pair of shoes/boots that I can wear. They are a full size larger than what I normally wear, and are still a bit uncomfortable with all the foot swelling.

Going forward, I have labs Monday, Wednesday & Friday scheduled, and a few other appointments. Hopefully that magic number decreases.

Friday 4/6: 81%
Sunday 4/8: 82%
Monday 4/9: 82%
Tuesday 4/10: 79%
Wed 4/11: 77%
Friday 4/13: 88%

More tests and bloodwork

Short version: I’ve felt pretty horrible the last couple days, and have been sleeping a lot. I got some blood yesterday, which helped a little. The amount of cancer in my blood has decreased slightly, which is good. We’re just watching & waiting until we can do the next round of chemo.

Long version: I had bloodwork Tuesday & Wednesday. When I woke up Wednesday morning, I knew my hemoglobin was low because I could barely breathe, and had no energy. It was difficult to even hold my head up. My counts continue to go down, so I am getting transfusions. I got blood yesterday, and most likely I will need platelets tomorrow. Here are the numbers for the amount of cancer in my blood:
Friday 4/6: 81%
Sunday 4/8: 82%
Monday 4/9: 82%
Tuesday 4/10: 79%
Wed 4/11: 77%
I go in again tomorrow for more bloodwork. It’s been difficult to get all my pills in because I am sleeping so much, but we are trying our best. Tuesday I had 4 appointments, which was very exhausting. Here’s an update on those:

Infectious Disease says that I have a staff infection in my lower legs, mostly due to the massive swelling allowing bacteria under my skin. They feel that 3 antibiotics is sufficient, one of which targets this type of infection.

Walking test: My oxygen level during my walking test was 99 to 100%. I became so short of breath at one point that i was gasping for air & had to sit down. The insurance company won’t approve oxygen with this high level of blood oxygen, and I’m told that even if I did get oxygen, it wouldn’t do anything because there aren’t enough red blood cells that aren’t already saturated. There is nowhere for the oxygen to go. This is very frustrating, because I am obviously having trouble breathing but there is nothing that can be done beyond what we are already doing (pills, inhalers).

Therapist: It was so nice to see my therapist. I hadn’t seen her since my cancer came back. I will continue seeing her once a week while things are rough, and she has some great ideas for things that we can work on that will cut down my stress.

I already mentioned the bloodwork results above. Hopefully tomorrow’s bloodwork shows good things, and hopefully I feel well enough to post an update about it.

It’s back :(

I have been getting blood work once a month. Everything has looked good until the blood that was drawn on March 7th. I got the news on Friday the 9th, which was 16% bad cells. I had a bone marrow biopsy on Monday the 12th, and got those results on Friday the 16th.

Recurring AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), 61% leukemic cells in the bone marrow. This is almost double the number of leukemic cells in my bone marrow in October 2013 when first diagnosed. I have an appointment with my doctor Wednesday the 21st to discuss options. Most likely we will begin with chemo ASAP.

My options are now limited due to my declining health and GVH (Graft vs Host disease). I have had a lot of pain, bloating, swelling, fractures, and other issues over the last year. My GoFundMe story gives a good overview.

I’ll be updating the blog more with everything that’s going on.

Bone Marrow Biopsy #7 / CBC / Platelets

White blood cells: 0.8

Hemoglobin: 7.0

Platelets: 27

ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count): Not checked if white blood cells are less than 1.0.


I received 1 unit of platelets.


Now for the good news…I went from having 35% bad cells to 2.5%. I am clear for transplant with anything less than 5%. This was the best news we had in a long time, I am back in remission after 1 round of chemo :)

The plan is to do one more round of chemo (same drugs I had for round 3, I did just fine with them!), another biopsy afterward, and transplant within one month of that biopsy (if the results are good). Prior to getting this next round of chemo, we really want my counts to come up more so I can get this dental work done. We’re looking at probably mid-May for transplant. More waiting…

CBC / Platelets

White Blood Cells:  0.8

Hemoglobin:  7.1

Platelets:  7

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC):  Not checked if white blood cells are less than 1.0.


I received 1 unit of platelets.

Blood / CBC / Platelets

White blood cells:  0.7

Hemoglobin:  6.4

Platelets:  6

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): 0.3


Received 1 unit of platelets and 1 unit of blood.

CBC / Platelets

White blood cells:  0.5

Hemoglobin:  7.1

Platelets:  9

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC):  Not checked if white blood cells are less than 1.0.


I received 1 unit of platelets.

I got my biopsy date today…the next biopsy will be done on March 4.


White blood cells:  0.2

Hemoglobin:  7.3

Platelets:  16

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): Not checked if white blood cells are less than 1.0.


For the first time in awhile, I did not need any platelets because I now had more than 10.

I vomitted again this day :(

CBC / Platelets


White blood cells: 0.2

Hemoglobin: 7.3

Platelets: 2

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): Not checked if white blood cells are less than 1.0.


I received 1 unit of platelets.

I vomitted, which I am phobic about. I have not done so through most of my treatment, but this last round of chemo is kicking my ass. Yes, I am now charting when I vomit. What a life, huh?