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Chemo – round 8 / CBC / Platelets / Dr Appt

Chemo day 5 of 5

I felt pretty nauseous when I got to the hospital for treatment. I vomited as soon as they got me into my room. I had to ask for additional anti-nausea medication prior to leaving the hospital that night, in hopes that it would keep me from vomiting anymore. Thankfully it did the trick. This was my last day getting treatment at Immanuel Medical Center. I began getting treatment at UNMC the following Monday. I will miss the Immanuel Oncology nurses tremendously. They have been with me every step of the way through things, and have become family. There were a few tears shed saying goodbyes this day.

I had a doctor appointment at 2:00 this day. Since I was getting treatment in the hospital at that time, the doctors said they would visit me in my room for that last appointment. However, that did not happen. My doctors basically blew me off for my last appointment with them, then took about 2 hours to enter my anti-nausea meds into the system later in the evening so that I could get them before going home. Not cool!

I was too sick to write down my CBC results, so I will need to call the Immanuel nurses to get those numbers.

Chemo – round 8

Chemo day 4 of 5

I wasn’t able to do much of anything but sleep by this time. I woke up in the middle of the night to vomit, which is always fun.

Chemo – round 8 / CBC / Platelets

White blood cells: 0.6

Hemoglobin: 8.6

Platelets: 3 (12 after getting platelets)

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): 0.5


Chemo day 3 of 5

Chemo – round 8

Chemo day 2 of 5

I went home, ate a little something, slept, woke up, and vomited. I slept most of the following day. The nurses were about to send the police to the house to check on me because I wasn’t answering my phone. Thankfully they got in touch with my husband, and were able to start day 3 of chemo later in the day.



Chemo – round 8 / CBC / Muga Scan / Platelets

White blood cells: 0.9

Hemoglobin: 9.0

Platelets: 9 (9 after getting platelets)

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): 0.6


Chemo day 1 of 5


This round of chemo kicked my ass like no other. I was given 3 chemo drugs, one of which was actually a very pretty blue color, quite similar to my current hair color. Too bad it’s known as being one of the worst ones for nausea. All food lost its flavor, and I was very sick to my stomach all week. Needless to say I didn’t eat much, and lost about 5 lbs. I also slept a lot. Instead of getting 2 anti-nausea meds and steroids before chemo, I was only given 1 anti-nausea med. I think this had a lot to do with it wreaking havoc on my digestive system. For the first time in 8 rounds of chemo, the chemo itself actually made me vomit (3 times), which as I have mentioned I’m pretty phobic about. Not a fun week, but thanks to the ability to sleep like no other, I managed to get through it.

I also had a Muga Scan done on my heart to be sure it’s healthy enough for more chemo. I was told that my heart is good, but never received the actual results of the test.


Chemo drugs:

Mitoxantrone 16 mg in sodium chloride 0.9% chemo infusion (once per day for 5 days)

Etoposide 165 mg in Dextrose 5% DEHP Free (once per day for 5 days)

Cytarabine 1,640 mg in sodium chloride 0.9% chemo infusion (once per day for 5 days)


CBC / Platelets

White blood cells: 1.3

Hemoglobin: 10.1

Platelets: 6 (7 after getting platelets)

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): 0.9

CBC / Dr Appt

White blood cells: 1.4

Hemoglobin: 10.6

Platelets: 6 (18 after getting platelets)

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): 0.7

My results came back from the biopsy I had done. 35% leukemic cells. Click here to read details. My doctors at Immanuel Medical Center asked UNMC which chemotherapy medications to give to me, and chemo is set for the following week. How they managed to get away with not admitting me for chemo is beyond me. I’m just very thankful I was able to come home and sleep in my own bed…although I could have used 24/7 hospital care.

It was also mentioned to me that Immanuel Medical Center is out-of-network for my new Blue Cross plan. I was so focused on securing health insurance that would work seamlessly with my transplant that I completely forgot about this. I contacted to UNMC to switch over to them beginning in February. I think it’s time they manage my care directly instead of through multiple staff at another hospital. January and February will be an administrative nightmare, but after those months my insurance should cover everything 100%. That is one relief among all this. I can even begin to express how thankful I am for the donations that have come in. For the first time in almost a year, I can focus on my health CARE, not the insurance!

My husband and I have pretty much been non-functional since the day I had the biopsy done. After this news, any motivation that we had to do anything was completely gone, not to mention that physically I’m not feeling well either. We’re blown away by the waves of bad news and bad luck through all this. I really want to get back to some sort of normalcy, hopefully sooner rather than later.

CBC / Platelets

White blood cells: 1.3

Hemoglobin: 10.3

Platelets: 7 (12 after getting platelets)

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): 0.6


Now that my ANC dropped to 1.0 or less, I am considered to be neutropenic…no uncooked fruits or vegetables, nothing that could possibly harm me in any way. Barely any immune system at all, with low platelets so I am at a risk for bruising and bleeding with risk of infection from barely any neutrophil or white blood cells. Time to live in the plastic bubble again and be a total hermit.

Bone Marrow Biopsy #6

Due to my counts crashing, another biopsy was done to determine whether I had leukemic cells again, or my bone marrow was just getting destroyed. My medical staff and I had a bad feeling, and we were right…

35% leukemic cells (results were given to me January 21)

This has been the most devastating news that I’ve had so far. When first diagnosed, I had a good prognosis, however my awesome super stubborn cancer has been resistant to treatment. It was difficult to get me into remission, though I remained there for about a year. As soon as we stopped the chemo, it was right back, even stronger than the 24% leukemic cells I had at first diagnosis. Technically now I have refractory AML with relapse, which is known to be resistant to treatment (more chemo).

Transplant cannot be done until we get me back into remission. To be considered in remission, I must have 5% or less leukemic cells. Now the hope is that next week’s chemo kicks the crap out of my stupid leukemia so that I can get this transplant. Hopefully I can get some dental work done between the two.

Chemo (round 8) scheduled for Monday through Friday January 26-30, along with platelets & CBC’s M, W, F. So much for spending January preparing for transplant.

CBC / Platelets

White blood cells: 1.7

Hemoglobin: 10.6

Platelets: 12

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): 1.0