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CBC / Dr Appt

White blood cells: 2.8

Hemoglobin: 12.9

Platelets: 23

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): 1.6


This was a bit of a blow. My counts dropped significantly while I was in PA, which is not a good sign. I had planned on getting dental work done in January, which I desperately need done before transplant. However, with a platelet count under 50, any dental work is dangerous, and causes a lot of bleeding. White blood cells must also be at a safe level to avoid infection. The dental work that I need done will pose a serious risk after transplant, as I will be on meds to suppress my immune system. I ended up having to cancel 3 dental cleanings in January because my blood counts were not good enough. Ironic, now that I have dental insurance I can’t even use it…and my mouth is full of cavities, a broken tooth, and needs root canals and crowns. Between the chemo, and my platelets being too low half the time to use a toothbrush, my teeth are pretty destroyed.


I’ve created a new page titled Donations. It can be found in the top navigation of the blog. We’ll be doing fundraising and accepting donations to assist with the cost of medical care associated with my upcoming transplant. I’ll be adding more information as we get things rolling.

If anyone has any indoor fluorescent lighting fixtures they’d like to donate to us (the long tubular kind), we could really use them!

CBC / Dr Appt


White Blood Cells: 2.2

Hemoglobin: 11.9

Platelets: 50

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): 1.3


The doctor that I saw this time agreed that my counts are still recovering, and that getting a CBC once every 2 weeks is not often enough. However, he did not think that it was mandatory I get a CBC while being out of town for 2 weeks. Therefore, my next appointment is scheduled for 2 and 1/2 weeks away, on 12/31.

I’m nervous going away with my ANC only .3 above critical. I take my antimicrobial medications when I get down to 1.0 as a precaution against fungal, bacterial and viral infections. There are no signs when my ANC is low, but at least I can tell when my hemoglobin & platelets are.


CBC / Dr Appt


White Blood Cells: 1.9

Hemoglobin: 9.8

Platelets: 46

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC): 1.2


Although my counts are still recovering, the doctor I saw did not think I needed to be seen for another 2 weeks. I went from getting a CBC 3 days a week to once every other week. I was flying out 12/16 to visit relatives in PA, so we scheduled the next appointment for 12/12. This doctor also did not think it was necessary to get a CBC while in PA.