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Bone Marrow Biopsy #4

Biopsy #4

Results: 0% blast of leukemic cells.

Done as outpatient at Immanuel Medical Center after completing third round of inpatient/induction chemotherapy.


My first 2 biopsies took about 8 days to get the results back. As of February 10, I still had not heard anything on this one. I got these results the week of February 10 after leaving a message for the doctor. It was around this time that I began to sense a lack of urgency.

The good news was that I was finally considered to be in remission with anything less than a 5% blast.

Dentist Appt

Yay, we now have dental insurance!

I have a cleaning this day, and I need to schedule a lot of other dental work to be done through the month. All of my dental work must be done before transplant. I found an excellent transplant survivor’s guide, page 22 explains how crucial dental care is before, during, and after transplant.