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Chemo – round 2

Technically the last day of chemo. Day 1 began in the evening.

Chemo – round 2

Day 5 of 5.

Chemo – round 2

Day 4 of 5.

Chemo – round 2

Day 3 of 5.

Chemo – round 2

Day 2 of 5.

Chemo – round 2

Received results of 2nd bone marrow biopsy, which still showed leukemic cells.

Began “5+3” chemo regimen, with the same drugs as the 1st chemo round, just 2 days less.

Day 1 of 5.

Bone Marrow Biopsy #2

Biopsy #2

Results: 12% blast of leukemic cells.

Done as inpatient at Immanuel Medical Center after completing first round of chemotherapy.

This time, the biopsy was done by Radiology. I was positioned on my stomach (difficult with bloating & discomfort of C Diff), and moved into the center of a circular machine. This machine assisted the doctor in determining the correct area to target. I was given Fentanyl and Versed as soon as I got positioned, and woke up in my hospital room afterward. I had no bad side effects from the drugs, and only a slight discomfort at the biopsy site – a HUGE improvement over how my first biopsy was done. I will only have a biopsy done this way now.


We were hoping that the first round of chemo would take care of all leukemic cells. Doctors confirmed that some patients require a second round of chemo, and scheduled round 2 of chemo to begin November 18.



Shit, another disease

After being on 3 different types of IV antibiotics, all the bacteria in my gut was wiped out. Gory details aside, I couldn’t stop shitting, and my gut was bloated beyond belief. I tested positive for “C Diff”, short for clostridium difficile colitis. I was put on another antibiotic, Vancomycin to combat the C Diff. I was told that in the following 18 months, every time I’m on antibiotics I must also take Vancomycin with them to decrease the chances of getting C Diff again. There were many references to ninja poo, and my leaky butt over the next few weeks.

Happy Anniversary

My husband and I spent our 2nd anniversary semi-cuddled in a hospital bed watching TV. He had to wear a gown and mask, and we could barely have any contact. That was pretty depressing. I didn’t have much of an appetite, so we dined on the Chinese food that he brought. I only wanted appetizers. One of the nurses brought us a mini cake, which was really cool. They really did everything they could to make things more tolerable.

Chemo – round 1

Technically the last day of chemo, which began on the evening of October 30.